Make a Donation

you can donate once or with a monthly subscription.  A monthly donation of 5 euros for a period of 2 years will cover 1% of one student’s expenses for one year, or 14% of their monthly expenses. You might think your contribution is small, but be sure it has a big influence and it moves us a step forward to reach our aspiration. Bigger Contributions and annual contributions are rewarded as seen fitting with a List of Reward prizes offered by our partners. How much and how would you like to donate is up to you.  Here are our Rewarded donations are:

  • 250 Euro annually or 25 Euro monthly
  • 500 Euro annually or 50 Euro monthly
  • 1000 Euro annually or 1000Euro monthly
  • 2000 Euro annually or 200 Euro monthly

All Rewarded Donations could provide a certificate of donations which could be used by tax authorities. Plus, if you choose one of the Rewarded Donations, you could benefit from attractive rewards offered by our partners.